Newborn Cascao Jiu-Jitsu [Spokane]

Muay Thai

Praksovanndany “Dany” Sok originally resides from the Eastside of Tacoma, Washington. Being avid students of Muay Thai – Kun Khmer, she and her brothers apprenticed under Lok Kru Srab Sroeuy and Lok Kru Jayaboa Thangkeo of South Sound Martial Arts. Becoming students of this art was a gift. Therefore, preserving it is a responsibility. After moving to Spokane, WA, Coach Dany pursued training with Newborn Muay Thai, South Sound’s sister school, learning from Kru Yai John Johnston and his respective lineages. She is honored to be an extension of these legacies. While her Kru’s remain active instructors, Dany is excited to carry the torch with a team of talented coaches – ultimately inspiring a fresh path for Nak Muay’s together. The possibilities are limitless.